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Are Slot Machines Honest?

Posted in Uncategorized by lipevog on October 5, 2010

The truth about land-based machines has been talked about by many. One great example is the article of Steve Bourie entitled, “Are Slot Machines Honest?” and originally appeared in the 1999 American Casino Guide. You can search and look for it in Google or Yahoo by just typing the title in the search box..) Physical, land-based slot machines have a lot of “variations” (being polite) than can deceive the player. They are illegal and do not just occur just that. But wait, read the article first.

The graphics of the games, the accounts of the players, the scores of the previous players and all other characteristics have been made possible through the presence of RNG or random number generator that is found in casino slots in the internet. The random number generator is hard-coded software instructions that do not change. As said in Bourie article, there is no such thing as sense switch that can twist and turn to hand out players bad odds. The RNG is used the same way when it is used the last game andwould still be the same as the next player would play. The pattern of the random results will not change, although the number comes out at random ordrer. This is the real profit we can get from software-based online casino slots.

They have payouts as low as 83% percentage, this goes for the land-based machines but not in online casino eu slots. Each machine has similar winning percentage as other machines in online games. You can witness the payout percentages for a lot of gaming sites or websites, and then found out that it rarely go down below 95%, there the house gains a 5% benefit, on the average. For the time being, the payout percentages, of a lot of casinos being studied have 97%-98% range of payouts. All of this activites on average view can cost you $7.. Nevertheless, gamblers or players just do not want that average thing, they wanted to award themselves and experience winning the highest payout. To be fair enough, the high-paying win is equalized amongst the players who loses the game and who paid for that prize.

So are online casino slots fair? Of course, they are. Laboratories take control of the testing the software on a daily basis, thereby none has been told being biased and it will not be possible to cheat on it at any time. One armed bandits also known as the land based slot machines.

A lot played and got  addicted to it, but no one can really make it to the win. If you are just lucky enough, then good for you. But that is the field of gambling, it is an act of making people enjoy the fun it offers.

So here is the deal, if you decided to go on casino, wanted to play that slot machine, and all other choices you are offered to, do not go on thinking, just go directly to your computer and better play slots. It is much better and time-saving.


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